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Debra Hatfield

Debra Hatfield is a Certified Medical Assistant. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree, with a Minor in Dance and Clusters in Art and Music, from Brigham Young University-Idaho in August 2005, and an Associate of Science Degree in Executive Medical Assisting August 2016. In between those degrees she became a Licensed Esthetician, working in medical spas alongside doctors. 

I have assisted plastic surgeons and many other specialists, and have kept my artsy side alive too. Studying faces and drawing them was something I was fond of since being a little girl and often told was my strong point. Studying esthetics I learned about facial anatomy, and learned it all again two years later as I began my studies in Medical Assisting, taking anatomy levels one and two, Medical Terminology.

2017 I became passionate about Church History and started analyzing the various alleged images of Joseph Smith, and the one I became the most convinced of, I now own and am taking good care of. This website is only informative and is not an official scientific analysis of my 1860s Newark Carte de Visite.

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