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CDV came from a "Smith ID" Family Album, Contact if you have Information:

"This photo comes from a album that had ‘Smith” ID’d photos in it…this photo, witch at the time, I beginning to believe was Joseph Smith...high bidder was a Mormon from CA...He then begins buying the most expensive photos from my store ($20-$45 ea)  and in 3 days racks up $500.00 +, so I gave in and sold him the photo…Now this photo I offer in this auction gives me CHILLS ...all the photos in the album follow the Joseph Smith trail, some from Vermont (one is for sale right now my store, man with glasses, and I have been selling others at auction past 2 weeks) some really interesting ones from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri & Illinois…" Jared T,  March 30, 2009, Juvenile Instructor quoting an ebay seller "G". 

8 years later, I found the ebay seller and bought the image spoke of above in 2017; whatever happened to the rest of the Smith ID family album is a mystery. Clearly the images bought in bulk convinced a "Mormon from CA". If you are this member of the Church in California and have scanned the images Gregory sold you, let me know. Also if you are the "documentary Film Maker", or "antique Books dealer" noted by ebay seller "G" to have purchased the remaining images in this album. Here are the ebay store names Gregory might have sold the Smith ID family Album from, back in early 2009:

When I bought the Carte de Visite, I was believe is Joseph Smith Jun., there were only two CDVs left from that album, that were from the same area. Whoever bought the bulk of the images around 2009 and the rest of them after 2017, please contact me for a legitimate forensic analysis of the identities of the individuals found in this Smith ID family album, one in particular he offered me I suddenly felt regret ignoring, a picture of a woman with pencil writing saying, 

"Mrs. Smith", a full body Cabinet Card of a medium weight female with lighter end of the spectrum of hair and lighter eyes I remember, printed in Missouri, in hind site I think could resemble some of the wives of Joseph Smith III. 

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