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Oldest Known Fake Photos of Joseph and Hyrum Smith

Images of Joseph Smith were greatly desired, in the 19th Century. Allegedly, a couple of images were created, from what could be termed "Old Timey Photoshop", where one could superimpose photos with other photos (in this case- of the death mask), of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, painted over by a good artist, to look real, lifelike, and apparently the images below are the result (found in a family album, as well, but never believed to be real, as you we see when you look below (link). 

Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 8.54.15 PM.png

Modern Photoshopped Image of Joseph F. Smith, made to Look Like his Dad

An unknown photoshop pro edited a known and verified metal plate, possibly a tin type, of the youngest sone of Hyrum Smith, Joseph F. Smith. It took me a while to realize they were much too similar, as I was really excited to have found this image of Hyrum, I believed to be so lifelike- that it was real, I was confused by the hard edge around his hair, but finding it in his Family Search page, which only family members can post and upload photos to; confused as to why it was not well known.  As I researched I felt more confident, paintings existed, of this photograph (below), the pose, the outfit- ALL THE SAME, in a painting of Hyrum Smith, that I just now realize was done by Ken Corbett. He also painted and supported the Scannell Daguerreotype; this painting, hanging in Hyrum Smith's Brick Nauvoo Home, matched the photo- alleged be of Hyrum, which matched the artwork and death mask of Hyrum so well, that I even made a video comparing this photograph to the death mask, it was so cool, to me, to ALSO be able to look at a "photograph of Joseph Smith", I had not held it, it was only in the digital universe, but it seemed so real.


Not long after I posted that video I was looking at images of Joseph F. Smith, found one that was full body and looked too similar to my "new find", I exclaimed,


"No... what?!!!"


As I compared the hands, the whipping stick, the VEINS in the hands, all shadows, and an obviously photoshopped and pixelated out- ring, that is seen in the authentic Joseph F. Smith picture, which I found well vied for on the Church's own website, and considering many decendants of Joseph F. Smith very well still live in Utah, whoever inherited his belongings could easily vie for the identity of the man, apparently a young 18yr old Joseph F. Smith. Oddly, the image I conclude, is fake, has MUCH MORE detail, in the vest, the jacket, which I find it hard to believe someone could "create" in photoshop, so if you see my "old videos", you will know, that I believed whoever made this fake image, had the original image of Joseph F. Smith, and really believe that could be the case, as Ken Corbett is descended from Hyrum Smith, he would have had easy access to hold and scan in high resolution (unlike the horrible copy of Joseph F. below), and edited, possibly just to get an idea or reference for the painting, he made of "Hyrum Smith"- for sure with Joseph F. Smith's body; since his painting is the main feature in "Millions...", if he believed that he was also painting a true photograph of Hyrum Smith, it would have been at least mentioned, in Tracy's book, making it clear- he at least knew it was a fake, if not made by him, or someone he possibly knew, so I am now calling this:


 "Case closed". 

Hyrum Smith.png

Above, photoshopped image, titled as Hyrum Smith, on several websites, with no explanation that is isn't real, or that it was a work of art made- in order to create a painting, as many artists do (photoshop the perfect reference, for a painting (which might be the case here). 


18 year old, Joseph F. Smith. 

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